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Need help with an animal courier in the UK? We have people for that :) The Nimber community makes up the most friendly and pet-loving couriers this side of the Atlantic. You’re not just hiring a pet courier when you find a Nimber bringer, you’re meeting an animal lover, just like yourself.

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Why use Nimber to transfer your pets?

  • Saves Money

    By sending an item with someone already making that trip, you drastically reduce the costs of any delivery up to 85% from traditional services.

  • Super Personal

    When you work with a Nimber bringer, you work with another person, not a company. You will talk directly with the person helping you and can receive updates on how your pet is doing the entire way.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    By sending your item with someone already going your way it saves putting an extra delivery vehicle on the road. Not to mention it saves two trips if you were to go pick it up and deliver it yourself.

Here is how Nimber works


Fulham → Old Street
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Peter L. 5 *
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23 May, 2018

1. Post your delivery

Simply post your shipment on Nimber. We'll walk you through the whole process.

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Jason M. 5 *

22 May, 2018 ‐ £15
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Petra J. 5 *

23 May, 2018 ‐ £20

2. Receive delivery offers

Bringers will contact you with offers when they can deliver your shipment.

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3. Strike a deal

Choose a bringer and agree on pickup and delivery times.

Your item is in good hands

Our community will always strive to deliver your item in perfect condition but if anything goes wrong, we are here to help.

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    Bringer selection based on reviews
  2. Icon security insurance
    Your item is insuranced up to 1000€
  3. Icon security support
    Personal support from our team

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