City Courier

Whatever kind of courier you might need, bike, motorcycle or even a man with van in a Nimber bringer will have you covered. Not to mention you can save tons by using someone already making the trip.

Why use Nimber?

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Saves Money
Nimber is a community delivery service that allows you to work with someone who has spare space to deliver whatever you need with the care it deserves on a journey they’re already making. This can save you 85% compared to other courier services in
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Save Time
Using Nimber allows you to save the time and hassle of travelling back and forth to collect or deliver the items yourself.
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Save the Environment
By sending your item with someone already going your way it saves putting an extra delivery vehicle on the road. Not to mention it saves two trips if you were to go pick it up and deliver it yourself.

How does Nimber work?

  • Step 1: Post your delivery
    Simply post your shipment on Nimber. We’ll walk you through the whole process.
  • Step 2: Receive delivery offers
    Bringers will contact you with offers when they can deliver your shipment.
  • Step 3: Strike a deal
    Choose a bringer and finalise pickup and delivery times.

What people use Nimber for

The answer is simple: everything! Here is a quick overview of some examples:

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