Ekornes and Nimber are working together to re-imagine delivery as part of our customer experience, our product. Lars Witteman
Supply Chain Director

Innovative Retailer delivery solutions

Delivery is an indispensable part of your customer's purchase experience. It is a lot more than just moving something from point a to b. It is about meeting your customer's expectations, and providing value added services such as:

- In-home delivery
- Installation
- Recycling and removals

Why is Nimber awesome for retailers?

We want to offer retailers a more sustainable, cost-effective and simply more awesome delivery solution than what is available today and we will do that by using technology and a great community of bringers that is growing by the hour. Nimber Business is an innovative home delivery solution. Here is why you should get on board:
  • Sustainable delivery: utilising spare capacity
  • Great customer experience​: rated drivers, real time notifications, customer feedback
  • Cost-effective: utilising existing trips
  • Customisable & scalable: caters to your needs and grows with you
  • Value added services: in-home delivery, installation, recycling

Minimising delivery costs whilst maximising customer satisfaction

Getting access to Nimber Business is free but the cost of delivery is not. Nimber will work with you to optimise cost and quality, using aggregated data of similar deliveries to get the best value, whilst not compromising on your customer's needs. Ability to bundle multiple deliveries will further support reduction of cost.

Manage your deliveries in real time

With Nimber for Business you can manage your deliveries, assign the right drivers, communicate with them in real time and take control of your delivery and customer experience!

Dashboard 1

Post your deliveries quickly and easily

Post a single delivery request or upload a file and the Nimber Dashboard will quickly create multiple requests for you - with just one click!

Dashboard 2

Many deliveries? No problem

Our platform will suggest bundling multiple deliveries so you can minimise cost, delight the bringer, whilst decreasing impact on the environment.

Dashboard 3

Price your deliveries or use Nimber's price suggestion

Nimber will suggest delivery price based on distance, time, available bringers etc. But you may over-ride it with your own pricing.

Dashboard 4

Assign bringers on the go

Post your deliveries and assign bringers based on star rating, vehicle type, availability; build your own last mile team.

Dashboard 5

Manage your deliveries in real time

From start to finish, manage the entire delivery experience from our awesome dashboard; assign drivers, communicate with them and or re-assign as you see fit. One dash to manage all deliveries.

Dashboard 6

Any questions?

If you want to try us out, reach out. We are ready to support you so you can get the most out of Nimber, delight your customers and optimise your delivery.

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