Nimber Privacy Policy

At Nimber we care about your personal data. When you use Nimber, you give Nimber and its subsidiaries access to information about you for the exclusive purpose of providing you with services you requested and nothing more. Below is information on how we manage your data and how we use it.

What is personal information?

Personal information is information that can be associated with a person, such as name, place of residence, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address, banking information, comments/posts.

What information does Nimber collect?

Information you give us

Information you provide us upon signing up to our service, information you provide us when creating your profile: these include first and last name, financial data (i.e. credit card / banking info), photos, vehicle type, saved routes, company information etc.
Comments, posts, reviews and any other feedback you provide through the service.

Information we collect when using Nimber

Technology type. The platform you are using our service on - laptop, tablet or mobile, the browser you use, your IP address, network operator, etc.
Your activity. Pages you visit on Nimber. Frequency of use and other metrics that provide us with a better understanding on how you use Nimber.
Location. Your geographical location based on IP address or other types of location determination methods. If you use our apps, such as IOS, and accept location sharing, your GPS coordinates will be recorded.

This data is kept safe in our databases and could also be stored on your devices, such as mobile phones, desktop computers etc. We also use Cookies.

Information from other sources

Nimber might also receive information about you from 3rd parties, (e.g Facebook). This data is provided to us with your consent which can be withdrawn at any time.

What do we do with this information?

We use your information to provide you with the best experience possible. Here is a breakdown on how we use it and why:

Deliver the services you requested: We need your e-mail and mobile number to communicate with you, and to allow other members of our community to do the same.
Make Nimber seamless: To make your experience better by using automatic login, pre-completed forms etc.
Data and Statistics: To understand how to improve the service. Nimber uses data from our community of users to pinpoint trends and behaviour in order to better the service.
Functioning and Safe Marketplace: We display your profile information, comments you post, and verification of your account as part of our service to make the Nimber marketplace safe to use for all. Providing this information allows Nimber community to better interact with one another.
Prevent and reduce illicit use of service: In order to make sure that our service is not subject to illegal or criminal activities, Nimber collects and analyses information about users, including IP address, location, cookies, messages and user activity. We do this to prevent and combat any illegal activity and fraud.

Marketing, newsletters, user feedback and surveys

To keep you aware of new services, products and overall updates, we send you information by email and via in-app notifications and SMS. You can always edit your preferred channel for notifications in the notification settings. Nimber will only contact you if you have provided consent, and you can withdraw said consent at any time.

Is the information shared with others?

Your use of Nimber and your personal information is stored solely for the purpose of enabling use of the service and making it better. All information remains within the Nimber family of companies (subsidiaries). In addition, we use information to analyse trends and usage patterns to improve our service. This information is not shared with 3rd parties unless they form part of our solution. These include the following instances:

3rd parties perform services on our behalf: Some of the features and integral parts of Nimber service depend on 3rd parties (companies), these include payment partners, verification partners etc. We provide them with the minimum information that is required to perform the service and it is used solely for the intended purpose.
When you specifically ask us to share information: For example, when you send us your CV and want us to share it within our company divisions and subsidiaries.
Security measures: To prevent unauthorised use of your account we may share information, including personal information, with external parties.
Authorities: Nimber will share information with public authorities such as Tax Office, Value Added Tax Register (VAT Register) and the Police, according to the law. This may include chats and the activity of user/s.
Managing disputes and preventing fraud: Should there be a dispute or an attempt to use Nimber for illicit activities, Nimber might share information. We will share information in order to prevent illegal activities and manage disputes.

Managing your personal information

It is imperative that your information is correct at all times. You can update your information on your profile page

Personal Information Settings

You can ask us to stop processing and storing your personal information. In such case, our service may not be suitable to you, and in some cases you may not be able to use our service at all.

Profile, notifications, and financial data settings:

Make changes to your settings here

Data settings in Apps

These settings are managed within the application and in the phone’s settings, including notifications and location services. Of course, this may make the service less effective and reduce its viability to you.

Deleting personal data

Nimber tries to minimise the amount of data we store, and we aim to only store data that contributes to a better experience in using Nimber. We use deletion, anonymization and other methods to reduce information about the user, where possible and do so according to the law.

At any time, you may request that we remove your profile information. As a rule we keep data for as long as you have your account with us. Should you request that we delete data, we will do so promptly and according to the law. Here are some examples on how we manage your data:

Active accounts: If you have an active account we will manage your personal data, messages, saved routes and profile information you provided us.
CV: We will hold your CV on file to consider it for future positions. We will delete it from our database upon your request.
Usage Patterns: Nimber will keep usage data for as long as you have an account with us. This data is used to better the service and to make sure that our product development is focused on user needs.
Saved routes: These form an integral part of our service and will remain stored in our database until you remove them, ask us to remove them, or until you close your account.
Deletion of profile: If you wish to have your personal info deleted, we will do so within a reasonable timeframe and according to the law. We will remove your personal information and we will anonymize messages you sent to other users so that they do not reflect on you. The recipient of said messages will still be able to see them but without your personal information attached. In order to avoid disputes and to make sure we can support our users post profile deletion, we will keep some personal information in our administrative systems for some time.

Children's privacy

Nimber is a service for adults only, from the age of 18. We do not wish to have any information or collect any information of children. Should Nimber process personal info of minors, we will delete it without delay. We kindly ask to be notified immediately so that we can rectify and delete said information.

Changes to Policy

From time to time Nimber may make changes and update our Privacy policy. Should we do so, we will inform you of said changes.

Data Protection Officer

Nimber has a data protection officer. It is his/her responsibility to make sure that your data is safe, is processed correctly and only accessible by those that are required to do so. If you have any questions please contact the officer via our email address.