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At Nimber we believe that home delivery is an indispensable part of customer´s e-commerce experience. Existing solutions are fine. At Nimber we believe they should be amazing. So we launched Nimber Business, to meet and exceed retailer’s expectations for home delivery.
Nimber is testing out the last mile service with a limited number of retailers (stealth mode) in the greater Oslo area, and expanding to cities throughout Norway and Europe soon.

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Why is Nimber Business awesome for retailers?

We want to offer retailers a more sustainable, cost effective and simply more awesome delivery solution than what is available today and we will do that by using technology and a great community of bringers that is growing by the hour. Nimber Business is an innovative home delivery solution, and here is why you you should get on board:

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We understand that you might be wondering what this new Nimber Business is all about. Well, this is what our newest product looks like visually:



Retailer posts delivery on Nimber

Nimber experts


A community of experts is notified

Nimber matching

Nimber Business

Matching platform

Home delivery

Home delivery

Customer receives the delivery

In addition to our current Nimber community delivery matching platform that is scalable and feature rich, Nimber Business will have a couple of completely new functions:

  • Bundling​​: Ability to group several deliveries as one task.
  • Matching​ ​tools: Segmenting bringers based on ratings, vehicle types and other filters.
  • Delivery​: Pickup, tracking, drop off options for total control and experience enhancing.
  • Rating​: 3rd party rating and customer feedback enabled.
  • Messaging​: Customised real-time delivery notifications, unique to retailer and brand.

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