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Hello and thank you for your interest in our latest product Nimber Business! Nimber Business is a fantastic new opportunity for all drivers to embark on, giving you a chance to deliver retail products to people.
Are you often driving? Do you have some spare capacity in your vehicle? Would you like to pick up some items on the go, earn some money delivering them, saving the environment and making people happy at the same time?

If you answered yes to the above questions, do not hesitate and sign up on our sign-up form. We are soon launching Nimber Business in Norway with other countries lined up.

* We currently support Norwegian phones only
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Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in Nimber Business. We will get back to you with more details in the days to come!

What is Nimber Business?

More and more businesses are interested in Nimber´s crowd-based solution when it comes to last mile deliveries. That is exactly why we are launching Nimber Business. This new product of ours will mean more tasks, bigger and bundled tasks, amazing retail customers and nice products. If you would like to help deliver some of these, sign up now!

Tell Me More!

We understand that you might still be wondering what this new Nimber Business is all about. Well, this is what our newest product looks like visually:



Retailer posts delivery on Nimber

Nimber experts


A community of experts is notified

Nimber matching

Nimber Business

Matching platform

Home delivery

Home delivery

Customer receives the delivery

We want to offer retailers a more sustainable, cost effective and simply more awesome delivery solution than what is available today and we will do that by using technology and a great community of bringers that is growing by the hour. We are creating a home delivery solution for customers done by our community! Hopefully you feel as excited as we do and want to get on board.

In the coming months you will see different retailers from a variety of industries posting tasks on Nimber - tasks that you will be able to fulfil and therefore make many customers happy. Sign up is needed so that we could notify you of all of the new retailers´ tasks. So, do that now and join our delivery revolution!

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