Ship anything, anytime, anywhere

Nimber is a community delivery solution that connects people who need to send something with someone going that way, anyway. By working together as a community we can make shipping easier, sustainable, cost-effective and friendly. Nimber is the community that delivers.

How does Nimber work?

Post your delivery within seconds

Nimber makes it easy to upload your delivery details, so we can alert our community of bringers.


Get matched with an awesome bringer

Our bringers will reach out to schedule a delivery. Chose the best one based on past rating, time of delivery or based on budget.


Stay in-touch with Bringer

Throughout the entire delivery process, you can stay in touch with your bringer, alert him/her to any changes and rest assured your item is in good hands.


Price your delivery or follow our suggestion

Nimber will recommend a price based on past deliveries. But you know best, so you can make changes to the price as you see fit.


Have it delivered on your time

With Nimber you can decide when to have your delivery done, on the weekend, during the evening or even on Feb 31 :)


Make Nimber better, rate your bringer

At Nimber we love to rate our bringers, especially when they do an amazing job. After delivery, you can do your part by sharing your experience with bringer rating. This way we can make Nimber even better.


Why Nimber?

So many reasons to chose Nimber for delivery. Here are just a few of them:


Utilising spare capacity.


Our bringers deliver on weekends, evenings, and around the clock.

Save money

Amazing delivery at affordable prices.


A community of trusted bringers: tried and tested.


Real-time notifications and communications with your bringer.


Insurance solutions that give you peace of mind.

Rated bringers

Quality through rating. Share your delivery experience with others, make the service better.

Real-time communications

Stay in touch with your bringer throughout the entire delivery experience.


Personal support before during and after the delivery process.

What people use Nimber for

The answer is simple: everything! Here is a quick overview of some examples:

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