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Vintage shabby gardintrapp

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120cm diameter dining table with removable legs
  • Delivery cost:

    £15 Saved 70 percent٭
  • Delivered in:

    2 days
2 small seater settee x 2

2 small seater settee x 2

  • Delivery cost:

    £55 Saved 37 percent٭
  • Delivered in:

    3 days
10'6" Stand Up Paddle board in travel bag & wrapped
  • Delivery cost:

    £50 Saved 54 percent٭
  • Delivered in:

    5 days
2 bikes, ~10 medium-sized boxes, 1 guitar
  • Delivery cost:

    £75 Saved 68 percent٭
  • Delivered in:

    24 hours

٭All prices are compared with door-to-door delivery from traditional courier services.

Do you have any questions?

1. How much does it cost?

On bulky items you can save up to 85 percent of the price of traditional logistics services, because the items are being delivered by people with spare capacity going that way anyway.

You select the price you want to pay based on what you need delivered. We recomment a price for you based on similar tasks delivered by our community, but you can adjust the price. The more you offer, the quicker your delivery is usually sorted.

When you accept an offer for delivery we ask for your credit card details, so that we can transfer the money to the bringer. But we will not withdraw the amount or transfer it until you confirm the delivery. You don't pay anything if you change your mind and delete the task.

2. How fast can I expect delivery?

This depends on where the delivery will take place and what the price is. We have more than 30 000 people in our UK community and they all have spare capacity and can bring things along when they are out and about.

Tasks in central areas are usually delivered in hours or days, while big items in rural areas might take a little longer, depending on how much you're willing to pay.

3. Is the request for delivery binding?

You can request a delivery with no commitment on your part. You can pull out at any time if you for some reason don't need or want the delivery anymore. If it doesn't fit you or if you find another delivery option you can easily delete your task.

4. What if I haven't purchased my item yet?

If you are dependent on getting delivery sorted before buying what you need through our classifieds partner, Nimber is the ideal service. Add whatever you need delivery and wait for someone that can bring it along to get back to you. As soon as you have accepted an offer for delivery, finish your purchase. Then you can just wait for it to arrive at your doorstep :)

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