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Innovative & sustainable solutions for your business.

Delivery is costly, at times impossible, and most of the time just inconvenient. Our bringers are here to help.

Hundreds of small and medium size businesses solve their delivery challenges with Nimber everyday, whilst supporting a greener tomorrow and reducing costs.

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Why is Nimber a great match for businesses?

We want to offer businesses a more sustainable, cost effective and simply the most awesome delivery solution. We do it by using technology to match your deliveries with our great community of bringers. Nimber Business is an innovative home delivery solution, and here is why you should get on board:
  • Sustainable delivery: utilising spare capacity
  • Great customer experience​: rated drivers, real time notifications, customer feedback
  • Cost-effective: utilising existing trips
  • Flexible: deliveries outside working hours, on the weekends - whenever it suits your customers
  • Customisable & scalable: caters to your needs and grows with you
  • Value added services: in-home delivery, installation, recycling

Minimising delivery costs whilst maximising customer satisfaction

Getting access to Nimber Business is free but the cost of delivery is not. Nimber will work with you to optimise cost and quality, using aggregated data of similar deliveries to get the best value, whilst not compromising on your customer's needs. Ability to bundle multiple deliveries will further support reduction of cost.

Tell me more!

We understand that you might still be wondering what Nimber Business is all about. Well, here is a quick overview of how the process looks like for your business:

Your business

You post a delivery request on Nimber


Nimber community

All relevant bringers are notified


Nimber Business

You choose the most relevant bringer for your task


Home delivery

Your customer receives the delivery

What can I do with Nimber?

Logistics is all about communication and coordination. Nimber platform is a tool that helps you tap into the power of crowd to manage your deliveries.

Post your deliveries quickly and easily

Write a description of your task and post it on Nimber for the price you think is fair.


Receive offers from our top bringers

Bringers who can help you will send you offers. You can choose a bringer based on their profile, rating and experience.


Chat with your bringer anytime

After you have accepted a bringer to your task, you can exchange contact details and communicate freely.


Customised pricing

We give you a price suggestion before you post your task. It is based on many criteria such as distance, size, weight etc. Feel free to use our suggestion or set your own price.


Awesome Delivery Experience

Real time notification upon pickup and delivery, directly to your customer/recipient. Any issue, customer can speak directly to the bringer.


Rate your bringer and make Nimber community even better

Trust is the cornerstone of Nimber. Rating your bringer after the delivery helps us grow our community and improve our service.


What are businesses sending with Nimber?

The answer is simple: everything! Here is a quick overview of some examples:

Any questions?

If you want to try us out, reach out. We are ready to support you so you can get the most out of Nimber, delight your customers and optimise your delivery.

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