Delivery solutions 
for businesses

Nimber offers a wide range of services in a simple solution. We have no hidden costs and you will see all prices before you order. Through cooperation with strategic partners, we can offer very competitive prices to most companies.

Why do companies dig Nimber?

Nimber offers companies a more sustainable and cost-effective delivery service than is available in the market today. We use technology to match companies with dedicated, skilled drivers. In this way, we utilize available capacity that already exists and turn it into an effective home delivery solution. Nimber for Business is an innovative home delivery solution. Here are 7 good reasons to join:
  • Sustainable delivery
    utilising spare capacity
  • Great customer experience​
    rated drivers, real time notifications, customer feedback
  • Cost-effective
    utilising existing trips
  • Flexible
    deliveries outside working hours, on the weekends - whenever it suits your customers
  • Customisable & scalable
    caters to your needs and grows with you
  • Value added services
    in-home delivery, installation, recycling

Other ways to order shipping

It is possible to integrate directly with us via API or EDI so that you can handle your freight in just a few clicks. Contact us and we will help you get started.