Ekornes and Nimber are working together to re-imagine delivery as part of our customer experience, our product.

Lars Witteman
Supply Chain Director

Delivery solutions 
for businesses

Delivery is an indispensable part of your customer's purchase experience. It is a lot more than just moving something from point a to b. It is about meeting your customer expectations, and providing value added services such as:


- In Home delivery

- Installation

- Recycling and removals

Why is Nimber a great match for businesses?

We want to offer businesses a more sustainable, cost effective and simply the most awesome delivery solution. We do it by using technology to match your deliveries with our great community of bringers. Nimber Business is an innovative home delivery solution, and here is why you should get on board:
  • Sustainable delivery: utilising spare capacity
  • Great customer experience​: rated drivers, real time notifications, customer feedback
  • Cost-effective: utilising existing trips
  • Flexible: deliveries outside working hours, on the weekends - whenever it suits your customers
  • Customisable & scalable: caters to your needs and grows with you
  • Value added services: in-home delivery, installation, recycling

Tell me more!

We understand that you might still be wondering what Nimber Business is all about. Well, here is a quick overview of how the process looks like for your business:

Your business

You post a delivery request on Nimber

Nimber community

All relevant bringers are notified

Nimber Business

You choose the most relevant bringer for your task

Home delivery

Your customer receives the delivery

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