About Nimber

About us

The Nimber Story

It all started on a ski trip in Norway, a postal truck accident and packages scattered all over the road, and the idea that we all have the ability to deliver those packages to their destination. What we needed was a platform that matched the spare capacity with deliveries.

So we launched Nimber, a matching platform for delivery, where a community of amazing bringers utilise their spare capacity to solve the challenges of delivery. Hey, they are going your way anyway...

From our humble beginning, Nimber has become the first choice for delivery for over 100,000 businesses retailers and individuals. And we look forward to having you join us so we can make the world a little bit greener, a lot more efficient and a whole lot more awesome.

Need help?

Call Nimber support: +47 22 12 06 07 (open hours, Monday - Friday 10:00 - 14:00, closed Saturday and Sunday) or send your inquiry to support@nimber.com - we will answer you as soon as possible

Sending something our way?

Need to send us something? Of course, we prefer you post it on Nimber. But the ordinary mail works as well ;)


Nimber Ltd.
110, Clifton Street
2nd Floor, Stapleton House
Hackney, London, EC2A 4HT
United Kingdom
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Athens Office

Nimber at Impact Hub
Nimber Tech
Karaiskaki 28
Athens 105 54
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Oslo Office

Nimber in Tønsberg
Nimber AS
Tollbodgaten 22
3111 Tønsberg
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